Paul O´Neil

"Dr. Stankovich is a well-respected, leading national authority in sport psychology and has helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential. His programs are very easy to learn and can be implemented for immediate on-field success. You don't have to have "psychological problems" to see the results from his mental training techniques. I highly recommend these products for all athletes, all ages and all skill levels!"

Paul O'Neill, Former New York Yankee great and 5-time World Series Champion

Bob Tewksbury

"Chris has done great work in the field of performance especially meeting the needs of parents. His youth/parent sport products are a must for all parents and youth coaches.”

Bob Tewksbury, Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher and Sports Psychology consultant for the Boston Red

Jim Tressel

"Parents play an integral part in their child's motivations, behaviors, and attitudes. The Parent's Playbook assists parents with the critical issues associated with youth athletics and gives them important tips and tools they need to better communicate with their children and enhance their athletic experience. As a coach, I highly recommend this book for parents with children involved in sports."

Jim Tressel, Former Ohio State University Head Football Coach

Joe Heskett

“Consistently performing at your best is a mental challenge and there is no one better in the mental game then Dr. Chris Stankovich. He understands the power of mind and is a master at providing the tools we need to have as athletes seeking top performance. Dr. Stankovich differentiates himself because of his passion and innovation. He strives for the betterment of people and that is such a refreshing quality. I am impressed with his genuine approach, knowledge and creativity to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Joe Heskett
Former NCAA Wrestling Champion, U.S. World Team Member, and
4-time All American, Iowa State University
Current Head Wrestling Coach at Army

USA Today

"The Parents Playbook is a fantastic resource for any parent or coach of youth sports. The book will help in the areas of promoting a fun and healthy sport environment, teaching kids the value of learning skills through sports, and helping parents and coaches work better together to create a meaningful youth sports experience. I highly recommend this long-needed resource."

Jon Saraceno, Sportswriter for USA Today

Garin Veris

“Dr. Stankovich has proven over and over again the success one can attain by balancing the mental and physical components of sport. His human performance systems exhibit an effective and clear path to reaching the goals each individual or groups set out to accomplish. With so much competitiveness in sports and society in general, Dr. Stankovich can help give you the advantage you need.”

Garin Veris, Former New England Patriots NFL Standout

Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

"Chris Stankovich PhD is a sports counselor from Columbus, Ohio, who brings a fresh perspective about how to empower young people not only in their sports endeavors but in their lives. A positive approach consistent with the best in empathic therapy."

Peter R. Breggin, M.D.
Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology
Renowned Professor and Author

Eric Stults

“Dr. Chris Stankovich has helped me with many very important things that I have applied to my career as a professional baseball player, including help with focus, concentration, confidence development, and goal setting. I highly recommend all serious athletes to learn more about Dr. Stankovich and his training programs."

Eric Stults, Major League Pitcher, LA Dodgers

Dimitrious Stanley

“Positive programming for all athletes, both on and off the field.”

Dimitrious Stanley, Former Ohio State Football Player and Current ABC Football Analyst

Mitch Clark

“The missing piece to maximizing athletic potential!”

Mitch Clark, 1998 NCAA National Wrestling Champion & 2-time All American, The Ohio State University

Bret Adams

"I have known Chris for many years and find him to be one of the nation's leading authorities in the field of sport psychology. His professional programs and counseling are of great value to athletes looking to improve mental toughness, and help athletes succeed both on and off the field."

Bret Adams, Professional Sports Agent

Mike Golden

“Dr. Stankovich has done a remarkable job working with our football program, and has taught our kids invaluable skills that help them not only in football, but in life. We are very happy to have him as part of our program at UA.”

Mike Golden, Head Football Coach, Upper Arlington High School

Josh Newman

“Dr. Stankovich gave me a mental edge I so desperately needed for my success both on and off the baseball field. For those seeking an edge, his "gameplan" will allow you to learn from the past, prepare for the future and perform in the present.”

Josh Newman
Former Major League Baseball Pitcher
Colorado and Kansas City

Adam Hubble

"I have used Dr. Stankovich with a number of my professional athlete clients, and he has always gone above and beyond in delivering outstanding performance-enhancement counseling services. I highly recommend all serious athletes to call on Dr. Stankovich to help with improving mental toughness and maximizing athletic abilities."

Adam Hubble, Professional Major League Baseball Agent

Andy Geiger

“The authors of Positive Transitions for Student Athletes fully understand the leap from high school to college and the even more daunting vault form college to career. They are experienced counselors who have helped thousands of men and women through these challenging transitions. The unique talents and needs of student athletes are clearly articulated in this valuable book.”

Andy Geiger
Retired Athletic Director,
The Ohio State University, Stanford University, and the University of Maryland

Ohio Capital Conference

"We have always found Dr. Stankovich's work to be very professional, worthwhile and with a forward thinking component for our coaches and student-athletes. His broad-based knowledge of athletics at all levels has benefited many of our teams and athletes. When I sense a need from any of our Athletic Directors seeking advice in this area I never hesitate to recommend Chris as a valuable resource and someone to reach out to for assistance."

David Cecutti, Commissioner, Ohio Capital Conference

Kevin Cross

"The mind is very powerful and can make the difference between winning and losing. Dr. Stankovich worked with our soccer team for only one day, and we learned a lot from him and utilized his advice during our season. We want to win a championship and feel Dr. Stankovich can help us make the difference between second place and first. We as a team wished we had him on a full time basis to work with our team."

Kevin Cross, Head Women’s Soccer Coach, University of Texas El Paso

Upper Arlington

“The Upper Arlington High School Athletic Department values its relationship with Dr. Stankovich. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with and has a great understanding of the demands on today’s high school athlete. We started a captain’s seminar with him in 2008 with the goal of having all of our captain’s leave with a better understanding of what it means to be a leader. The seminar was organized and very informational for our student athletes. In addition, the feedback was very positive as many of our captains feel they are better prepared to serve in their leadership role as a result of taking the seminar. Dr. Stankovich is a true professional and a great asset and resource for any high school athletic program.”

Chris Potts, CAA , Director of Athletics, Upper Arlington High School

Brian Mannino

"Three things a player needs to have in order to gain an edge or have success in the game of baseball and softball; technical and skill development, physical development, and Dr. Stankovich added the third dimension - the mental side of the game. Adversity and failure are such a big part of the game and Dr. Stankovich gave our athletes the most important thing, a good mind set. His seminars provide our athletes with the tools on how to deal with the “game” of life and how to apply and set goals and to improve both on field and off field performance. By showing the kids how to obtain personal goals, getting in the “zone”, using imagery, and creating pre-game routines, he showed the kids how to be mentally stronger. Dr. Stankovich provided our athletes with an invaluable tool; a stronger mindset and a better attitude playing a very difficult game."

Brian Mannino, Owner, Mannino’s Grand Slam USA, Elite Baseball/Softball Training Facility

Ohio Wesleyan University

"Having played and coached at high levels I feel as though I have the necessary knowledge to coach players on the physical preparation and technical skills. But without the ability to manage the mind, players will hit a ceiling regardless of skill level. I've seen great players self destruct, and many others unable to continue developing because they got in their own way. It wasn't until I partnered with Dr. Chris Stankovich that I began to see the mental barriers begin to come down. With his guidance, were able to better manage the ups and downs of the season. And when they found themselves in pressure situations they performed better than they had ever done before because they had mentally prepared for the moment. I would recommend Dr. Stankovich to anyone who truly desires to maximize their potential."

Tom Durant, Former Head Baseball Coach - Ohio Wesleyan University

Dublin Coffman

“In 2001 we used Dr. Chris Stankovich's program with our wrestling team throughout the season. The result-- 9 guys qualified for the State Championships and our team won the District for the 2nd time and placed 4th at the State Duals. What a great program!”

Bob Stoll, Dublin Coffman HS Head Wrestling Coach

Thomas Worthington High School

“Dr. Stankovich helped our players develop the critical skill of focusing during practice and competition. He gave them individual and group strategies to use as tools throughout their athletic careers and lives which continue to help them today. He worked to build unity as a team and gave us direction and motivation in achieving our goals. He molded his work to fit our needs and we greatly benefited from all of the time he spent with us.”

Allyson Mccarthy , TWHS Girls Lacrosse

Thomas Worthington High School

“Dr. Christopher Stankovich completed several sessions with the Thomas Worthington High School Track Team. Everyone on the team benefited greatly from his presentations on goal setting and focus. We completed a separate session on concentration and poise for those athletes participating at an advanced level. Our athletes were absolutely better prepared to compete on the State level because of Dr. Stankovich's sessions with our team. We will use his techniques in the future, and I look forward to working with Dr. Stankovich in the future as well.”

Nancy Beattie, Girl's Head Track Coach, Thomas Worthington High School

Grandview High School

“I have used Dr. Stankovich with several of my teams throughout my coaching career. He relates well with the student athletes and helps them to realize their potential. Chris has worked with colleges and high school students as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Stankovich without any reservation.”

Andy DiSabato
Head coach Grandview High School
Past President of the Ohio High School wrestling coaches Association
Member of the Ohio High School Hall of Fame

Worthington Kilbourne High School

“I've know and worked with Dr. Stankovich for the past 10 years, and find him to be on the leading edge of sport psychology and sports related athlete training. His methods and approach to improving athletic performance at all levels is unmatched. He brings out the best in athletes, from high school to pro. I would recommend that any athlete who desires to be the best they can be work with Dr. Stankovich. You'll see the results you want every time.”

Bill Weary, Director of Athletics, Worthington Kilbourne High School

Ohio News Network

“Dr. Chris Stankovich always provides insight and creative angles to the world of sports. He answers our anchor's question clearly and in a way the audience can understand.”

Amy Rogan, Ohio News Network Assistant News Director

Eric Thompson

“Dr. Stankovich’s peak performance programming increases confidence and athletic performance – a must for all serious athletes”

Eric Thompson, Former Professional Baseball Pitcher, Oakland Athletics & Kansas City Royals systems

Mike Lockwood

“You don’t have to have a psychological problem to benefit from Dr. Stankovich’s athletic counseling services…his goal setting tips give athletes the roadmap needed for success.”

Mike Lockwood
Former Professional Baseball Player,
Oakland Athletics & Boston Red Sox systems
Ohio State All American & Academic All American

Columbus Crew

"Dr. Stankovich provides focus and concentration not only for peak performance in sports, but also in life. His holistic approach ensures success on the field and in life."

Chad Schroeder, Vice President of Sales & Broadcasting, Columbus Crew MLS Soccer

New Albany High School

“Dr. Chris Stankovich leadership training and goal setting seminars were outstanding resources for our coaches and student-athletes. We continue to look for innovative ways to motivate and educate our student-athletes on how to be the best they can be. Dr. Stankovich is the educator to lead these endeavors and we truly appreciate all of contributions so far and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

Rex Reeder, Director of Athletics, New Albany High School

DeSales High School

“I have been using Dr. Stankovich for over 15 years with my wrestlers. He does an excellent job of preparing them mentally. He works all aspects: preparing to compete and preparing for defeat. His mental preparation has made a major difference in the success of my wrestlers.”

Dennis Lyberger, Head Wrestling Coach, Columbus Desales High School

James D. Hall, M.S. Ed

“We have used Dr. Stankovich to work with our student athletes at New Mexico State University and were extremely impressed by his work. Our student athletes were very happy with his presentations on life skills, social responsibilities, and performance enhancement and learned a great deal as was evidenced by their post-evaluations. We look forward to working with Chris again in the future, and highly recommend him to any youth league, high school, college, or professional sports organization looking to enhance the well being of their athletes and coaches.”

James D. Hall, M.S. Ed
Associate Athletics Director
Sport Administrator & Student Development
New Mexico State University

DeSales High School

“Dr. Stankovich has done a great job working with my young wrestlers. The lessons learned teach you to be a complete athlete and person. He will continue to be a positive resource for the athletes I coach. His programs demand you to be your best, no matter the age or sport.”

TJ Enright
Former High School State Champion & 2x National NCAA Qualifier,
The Ohio State University Wrestling Team
Current Coach at Columbus Desales High School

Northland High School

“Dr. Stankovich’s presentation provided to our coaching staff at Northland High School was extremely powerful and our coaches are still making mention of the information today.”

Ramani Hunter, Athletic Director, Northland High School, Columbus, OH

Nick Preston

“Dr. Stankovich's programs are great for athletes looking to improve their confidence and reach their full athletic potential.”

Nick Preston
2X NCAA Wrestling All American and US Freestyle National Team Member
The Ohio State University

Mark Inkrott

"Dr. Stankovich's approach to sports has been instrumental in my professional development both as an athlete when I was a tight end playing in the NFL, and currently as a successful business professional. Dr. Stankovich helped me transition from a sports career to a business career. His advice has helped me set goals, utilize my strengths and attain success."

Mark Inkrott, NFL Alumnus / Director of NFL Relations - Dairy Management Inc.

Ohio University

“Dr. Chris Stankovich has continued working with the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Centers for Osteopathic Research and Education (CORE) for the last 8 years. He delivers seminars to all levels of resident trainees and their program directors to develop innovative ways to deliver quality medical training. He has provided team building workshops, leadership training, mentoring and most recently a very successful contemporary approach to health and wellness to our Internal Medicine residents across the state. Our medical trainees are driven to learn all they can in the treatment of their patients but at times will neglect their own physical and mental health. Dr. Stankovich connects with the physicians easily and uses an interactive approach which is well received by learners. I look forward to working with Dr. Stankovich in the future.”

Deborah Woods
RPAC Director
CORE/Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine

Dr. Bob Bowers

"Chris provides current and relevant information in his work with us as educators. His research is strong and provides guidance to students and adults who work with youth in a reasonable manner that builds strong self-esteem in kids and helps adults understand youth development. Helping both students and their mentors understand the effects of stress and well-being has made Chris a strong communicator making a difference in the lives of others."

Dr. Bob Bowers, CEO, Educational Council Foundation

Larry Wilson

“If you want your athletes to perform better, Dr. Stankovich has the methods to improve player performance. He will help you guide your athletes to new heights.”

Larry Wilson, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Public Relations Director

Todd Jones

"I have used Dr. Stankovich for sport stories I have worked on over the years and found him to be a very important resource. His experiences in the field of sport psychology have helped readers better understand some of the underpinnings behind various issues, trends, and problems commonly seen in sports today."

Todd Jones, Columbus Dispatch Sports Columnist

Dr. Olivia Ojano-Sheehan

“Chris is a great resource. We have invited him as guest speaker in one of the sessions of our Residency Directors Fellowship Program sponsored by Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and Centers for Osteopathic Research and Education (topics included emotional intelligence, motivation, and leadership). He is an enthusiastic speaker and is passionate about his work. He is a consummate professional. If groups or organizations are looking for a speaker on topics related to the ones listed above, give Chris a call.”

Dr. Olivia Ojano-Sheehan
Asst. Director, CORE Faculty Development
Asst. Professor, Department of Family Medicine
Ohio University-Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

Sally Brannan, EdD

“Dr. Stankovich has taught several graduate courses for Wittenberg in the areas of leadership, wellness, and creativity. Teachers who have taken his courses have strongly endorsed his teaching style, and they have found the information presented to be most useful and needed in today's educational setting.”

Sally Brannan, EdD, Department Chair, Education Dept., Wittenberg University

Chris Williams BCA Pool League

Mind of Steel for Pool Success is something every pool player should have. Whether you are a pro player or just involved with a local league, Dr. Stankovich's video will help you overcome pressure and play in the zone with much more focus and confidence. I highly recommend this video!"

Chris Williams, League Operator BCAPL, VNEA,
USAPL 2005-2006 BCAPL league operator of the year

Robbin Kirkland, Ph.D.

“Through the instruction and coaching from Dr. Stankovich our Residents and Clinical Teachers have received solid leadership and mentoring skills."

Robbin Kirkland, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Faculty Development
Ass. Prof., Ohio University College of Medicine Dept. of Family Medicine

Greg Beals

“As a coach I was looking for a little something extra to help get our team to the top. I reached out to Dr. Stankovich to provide mental training exercises with the team. I thought the program he put together was outstanding - very well planned and executed. Our players got a lot out it and I saw a better more consistent approach."

Greg Beals
Head Baseball Coach
The Ohio State University

USA Today

"I knew I could count on Dr. Stankovich for keen insights into the mind and psyche of the athlete. He's an expert in many areas of sports psychology, including the often treacherous relationship in youth sports of parent and child."

Larry Weisman, Reporter for USA Today

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