Sports Doc on TV

Dr. Chris Stankovich is known as “The Sports Doc” for his user-friendly tips and advice pertaining to sport wellness and productivity.

Dr. Stankovich onOutside the Lines

In this May, 2015 ESPN Outside the Lines segment, Dr. Stankovich joins a panel discussion on redshirting kids in order to gain an athletic advantage. Joining him are baseball coach Steve Ballance, Dr. Mark Robinson, and Joyce Basset.

Dr. Stankovich onOutside the Lines

In this 2013 ESPN Outside the Lines segment, Dr. Stankovich joins a panel discussion on athletes & mental health issues and the challenges related to professional psychological care. Joining him are former New York Jets quarterback, Erik Ainge and Senior Sports Writer for Inside Tennessee, Maria Cornelius.

Dr. Stankovich on NBC4i

How Much Is Too Much For Two-Sport Athletes?

NBC4's medical reporter Ellie Merritt interviewed Dr. Chris Stankovich for a segment investigating the potential hazards of student athletes taking on multiple sports.

Dr. Stankovich helps many of his clients mentally manage their intense atheletic schedules. He spoke with Merritt about the signs of youth sport burnout and the higher risk of injuries associated with athletes who are overloaded. Click here to learn more »

Experts Reach Out To Parents, Coaches To Warn Against Teen Athlete Rx Abuse

In this revealing segment, the NBC4i news team covered an alarming trend in student athletes: addiction to prescription pain pills. They called on Dr. Chris Stankovich to provide an expert look into this dangerous world.

Dr. Stankovich is working on a new program to target high school athletes, coaches, and parents to be on the lookout for prescription drug abuse through the schools and Ohio High School Athletic Association. The group is focusing on awareness, and targeting those closest to young athletes. Click here to learn more »

Sports Doc Minute on NBC4i

Catch Dr. Stankovich's regular feature on NBC4i Columbus where he discusses topics around athletic performance enhancement, sports parenting tips, and many other issues pertaining to having a fun, safe, and meaningful youth sport experience! Check out the NBC archive today to help your child take his or her game to the next level!


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The Sports Doc on ONN Ohio News Network

“The Sports Doc” was a featured weekly television segment on Ohio News Network, Ohio’s statewide television station, as well as Time Warner On-Demand from 2009 to 2011.

Check out the following samples from the featured segment:


Dr. Stankovich onABC World News Now

In this interview in 2001 Dr. Stankovich sits down with Liz Cho from ABC World News and discusses “The Parent's Playbook”. The book is designed to help parents involved in sports identify and respond to today’s contemporary issues in youth and interscholastic sports.

Dr. Stankovich on10TV

10tv Columbus examines the issue of parents holding their kids back to gain an advantage in sports. Dr. Stankovich provides a trained viewpoint on the issue.

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