Mind of Steel for Baseball Success DVD

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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Length: 55 min.
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How much of the game of baseball is “mental?” While that question is difficult to answer precisely, most baseball players will tell you that at least 50% of baseball success relies on developing “mental toughness.” Specifically, players who learn how to increase self-confidence, sharpen focus, minimize anxiety, and strengthen resiliency are the ones who develop precision mind-body synchrony and inevitably reach their full baseball playing potential.

Mind of Steel for Baseball Success, developed by nationally respected sport performance scientist, Dr. Chris Stankovich, will teach you how to:

  • Develop specific, measurable, controllable goals that will help you maximize your baseball potential
  • Incorporate proven sport psychology skills to help you get in the zone on a regular basis
  • Minimize debilitating anxiety that often disrupts important muscle memory necessary for fast reactions on the field
  • Create pre-game, pre-pitch, and pre-AB routines designed to improve confidence and focus
  • Utilize “bounce back” strategies to help immediately dismiss errors and other negative events on the field
  • Develop a perception focus of “playing to win” rather than playing to avoid losing
  • Minimize “choking” so that you can make every pitch and AB count!
  • Plus much more!

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"Chris has done great work in the field of performance especially meeting the needs of parents. His youth/parent sport products are a must for all parents and youth coaches.”

Bob Tewksbury
Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher
Sports Psychology Consultant, Boston Red Sox


"Dr. Stankovich is a well-respected, leading national authority in sport psychology and has helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential. His programs are very easy to learn and can be implemented for immediate on-field success. You don't have to have "psychological problems" to see the results from his mental training techniques. I highly recommend these products for all athletes, all ages and all skill levels!"

Paul O'Neill
Former New York Yankee Great
5-time World Series Champion

Eric Stults

“Dr. Chris Stankovich has helped me with many very important things that I have applied to my career as a professional baseball player, including help with focus, concentration, confidence development, and goal setting. I highly recommend all serious athletes to learn more about Dr. Stankovich and his training programs."

Eric Stults, Major League Pitcher, LA Dodgers

Adam Hubble

"I have used Dr. Stankovich with a number of my professional athlete clients, and he has always gone above and beyond in delivering outstanding performance-enhancement counseling services. I highly recommend all serious athletes to call on Dr. Stankovich to help with improving mental toughness and maximizing athletic abilities."

Adam Hubble, Professional Major League Baseball Agent

Brian Mannino

"Three things a player needs to have in order to gain an edge or have success in the game of baseball and softball; technical and skill development, physical development, and Dr. Stankovich added the third dimension - the mental side of the game. Adversity and failure are such a big part of the game and Dr. Stankovich gave our athletes the most important thing, a good mind set. His seminars provide our athletes with the tools on how to deal with the “game” of life and how to apply and set goals and to improve both on field and off field performance. By showing the kids how to obtain personal goals, getting in the “zone”, using imagery, and creating pre-game routines, he showed the kids how to be mentally stronger. Dr. Stankovich provided our athletes with an invaluable tool; a stronger mindset and a better attitude playing a very difficult game."

Brian Mannino, Owner, Mannino’s Grand Slam USA, Elite Baseball/Softball Training Facility

Greg Beals

“As a coach I was looking for a little something extra to help get our team to the top. I reached out to Dr. Stankovich to provide mental training exercises with the team. I thought the program he put together was outstanding - very well planned and executed. Our players got a lot out it and I saw a better more consistent approach."

Greg Beals
Head Baseball Coach
The Ohio State University

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