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Sport Success 360° is a “hands-on” resource guide for parents, coaches, and student athletes full of tips and insights around today’s psychosocial issues and concerns regularly experienced in youth and interscholastic sports. Written by Dr. Chris Stankovich, a national expert in the field of sport psychology, Sport Success 360° is light on psychobabble and instead packed with practical advice, tips, and insights that can be immediately applied so that you can maximize the youth athletic experience while at the same time minimize unhealthy and unsafe training procedures.

Unlike other youth sport books, Sport Success 360° is unique in that it is the only book written for all people involved in youth sports – including coaches, parents, and student athletes. Immediately improve your youth sports league by learning about: Youth sport burnout, Sport retirement, Performance supplements, Healthy boundaries, Sport specialization, Controlling emotions, Playing time, Year-round training, Travel leagues, Pre-season meetings, Pay-to-play, Handling cuts, Moving from school-to-school, Holding kids back in school, Quitting, Injury recovery, Creating optimal balance, Athletic transferable skills, Performance enhancement, Choking, Playing your best!

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Worthington Kilbourne High School

“I've know and worked with Dr. Stankovich for the past 10 years, and find him to be on the leading edge of sport psychology and sports related athlete training. His methods and approach to improving athletic performance at all levels is unmatched. He brings out the best in athletes, from high school to pro. I would recommend that any athlete who desires to be the best they can be work with Dr. Stankovich. You'll see the results you want every time.”

Bill Weary, Director of Athletics, Worthington Kilbourne High School

Todd Jones

"I have used Dr. Stankovich for sport stories I have worked on over the years and found him to be a very important resource. His experiences in the field of sport psychology have helped readers better understand some of the underpinnings behind various issues, trends, and problems commonly seen in sports today."

Todd Jones, Columbus Dispatch Sports Columnist

James D. Hall, M.S. Ed

“We have used Dr. Stankovich to work with our student athletes at New Mexico State University and were extremely impressed by his work. Our student athletes were very happy with his presentations on life skills, social responsibilities, and performance enhancement and learned a great deal as was evidenced by their post-evaluations. We look forward to working with Chris again in the future, and highly recommend him to any youth league, high school, college, or professional sports organization looking to enhance the well being of their athletes and coaches.”

James D. Hall, M.S. Ed
Associate Athletics Director
Sport Administrator & Student Development
New Mexico State University

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