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Updated: Aug 26, 2011
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Did you know that mentally tough basketball players develop greater levels of confidence, focus, resiliency, and even physical energy? Interestingly, while mental toughness is a huge part of basketball success, there has not been an easy-to-use mental toughness program to help basketball players master the “mental” game --- until now!

It’s a fact – mentally tough athletes stay calm in pressure situations, rarely “choke” in pressure situations, quickly let go of bad plays, and inevitably get “in the zone” on a regular, consistent basis. The best part about all this is that mentally tough basketball players are not born, but instead developed – meaning you can become a mentally tough player, too!

If you want to immediately improve your game then the Sport Performance Assessment – Basketball (SPA-Basketball) is just the app for you! The SPA-Basketball app is designed to help you improve your mental toughness in games, while at the same time minimize the stressors and anxiety players often experience that often leads to “choking.”

Test your mental toughness in just a few minutes using the SPA-Basketball, an easy-to-use sport psychology instrument specially designed by national expert Dr. Chris Stankovich to help you REACH YOUR FULL BASKETBALL PLAYING POTENTIAL!!!

What you get with the Sport Performance Assessment - Basketball (SPA-Basketball):

- Easy to use 50 question assessment measuring 5 critical elements to mental toughness: arousal control, mental preparation, confidence, focus, and the ability to handle adversity.

- Confidential testing and assessment for just a few dollars – no need to spend thousands of dollars on professional counseling, expensive books/videos, and day-long seminars.

- Personalized results immediately provided to you in colorful graphs showing your unique strengths and weaknesses.

- Unique trend data capture that allows you to compare scores from multiple testing points throughout the season, allowing you to actually “see” your mental toughness – and basketball potential – increase as the season progresses!

- Test results that can be conveniently emailed to you so that you can store on your computer, as well as print off to keep in your performance journal.

- Unique, detailed performance reports with specific tips unique to your individualized scores, designed to help you immediately improve in your areas of weakness by using professional instruction from Dr. Stankovich.

- Unlimited testing & feedback – track your progress throughout the season and your entire basketball career!

Stay ahead of the competition by getting in the zone and improving your mental toughness today!

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