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Notes: The Sports Success 360° Package downloads to your computer as a zipped file containing both the Sport Success 360° book in pdf form and the 360° PLUS audio in mp3 form. SEE BELOW for individual product details.

Sports Success 360° Downloadable Book Product Details:
Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Format: pdf
Length: 74 pages
Size of File: 4.25MB
Copyright 2009 Advanced Human Performance Systems

360° Plus Product Details:
Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Format: mp3
Length: 1 hour 9 min 54 sec
Size of File: 63.9 MB
Copyright 2009 Advanced Human Performance Systems

Product Description

Sport Success 360° Downloadable Book Description:
Sport Success 360° is a “hands-on” resource guide for parents, coaches, and student athletes full of tips and insights around today’s psychosocial issues and concerns regularly experienced in youth and interscholastic sports. Written by Dr. Chris Stankovich, a national expert in the field of sport psychology, Sport Success 360° is light on psychobabble and instead packed with practical advice, tips, and insights that can be immediately applied so that you can maximize the youth athletic experience while at the same time minimize unhealthy and unsafe training procedures.

Unlike other youth sport books, Sport Success 360° is unique in that it is the only book written for all people involved in youth sports – including coaches, parents, and student athletes. Immediately improve your youth sports league by learning about: Youth sport burnout, Sport retirement, Performance supplements, Healthy boundaries, Sport specialization, Controlling emotions, Playing time, Year-round training, Travel leagues, Pre-season meetings, Pay-to-play, Handling cuts, Moving from school-to-school, Holding kids back in school, Quitting, Injury recovery, Creating optimal balance, Athletic transferable skills, Performance enhancement, Choking, Playing your best!

360° PLUS Downloadable Audio Description:
On this program Dr. Stankovich expands on the popular Sport Success 360° book by offering additional tips, strategies, and warning signs that are not included in the book. Please note this is NOT a traditional “book on tape,” but instead additional key information designed to help you and your team/family get the most out of youth sports! Sport Success 360° PLUS includes additional critical information on issues like youth sport burnout, performance supplements, playing time, pre-season meetings, controlling emotions and resolving conflicts, maximizing athletic performance, plus much more!

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