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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Format: mp3
Total Length: 1 hour 31 min 41 sec
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Buy both Peak Performance for Athletes and Ten Tips for Peak Athletic Performance and save!

  • Peak Performance for Athletes: This audio collection discusses the essentials for any athlete reaching for the top! Includes 11 audio tracks: Introduction, Components of Peak Performance, Skill Building, Comfort & Confidence, Intro to Skills, Flow - The Zone, Goal Setting, Arousal Control, Imagery, Cognitive Self Talk, and Summary.
  • Ten Tips for Peak Athletic Performance:  The ideal audio for all athletes! On this program Dr. Stankovich goes through the ten most important tips for on-field peak performance, including focus, belief, goal setting, imagery, cue words, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, rebounding from adversity, motivation and effort, and being a great team player! Athletes are encouraged to go through the program regularly to remind themselves of all the little things that go in to being a great athlete, and how easily it is to integrate this thinking into athletic preparation.


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Josh Newman

“Dr. Stankovich gave me a mental edge I so desperately needed for my success both on and off the baseball field. For those seeking an edge, his "gameplan" will allow you to learn from the past, prepare for the future and perform in the present.”

Josh Newman
Former Major League Baseball Pitcher
Colorado and Kansas City

Mitch Clark

“The missing piece to maximizing athletic potential!”

Mitch Clark, 1998 NCAA National Wrestling Champion & 2-time All American, The Ohio State University

Larry Wilson

“If you want your athletes to perform better, Dr. Stankovich has the methods to improve player performance. He will help you guide your athletes to new heights.”

Larry Wilson, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Public Relations Director

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