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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Format: mp3
Total Length: 47 min 56 sec
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  • Mind of Steel: Wrestling  The sport of wrestling is arguably the most demanding and grueling sport going today. Wrestlers know that while wrestling is a team sport, it’s really an individual experience, and wrestling success relies heavily on confidence, discipline, motivation, and bouncing back from adversity. On this program Dr. Stankovich discusses the mental aspects of wrestling, including power goal setting, getting in “the zone,” how to improve on-mat focus, imagery drills for better muscle memory, pre-match routines to enhance confidence, plus much more!
  • Mind of Steel: Wrestling Guided Imagery  Want to strengthen your brain neurons and improve your muscle memory for more automatic, precise, successful responses when wrestling? If so, check out Dr. Stankovich’s guided imagery for wrestlers! By spending just a few minutes going through this guided imagery experience every day, you will soon begin to crystallize your subconscious mind, resulting in more “automatic” moves, increased self-confidence, less “choking” and anxiety, and greater success in every aspect of the wrestling!


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Joe Heskett

“Consistently performing at your best is a mental challenge and there is no one better in the mental game then Dr. Chris Stankovich. He understands the power of mind and is a master at providing the tools we need to have as athletes seeking top performance. Dr. Stankovich differentiates himself because of his passion and innovation. He strives for the betterment of people and that is such a refreshing quality. I am impressed with his genuine approach, knowledge and creativity to make a difference in the lives of others.”

Joe Heskett
Former NCAA Wrestling Champion, U.S. World Team Member, and
4-time All American, Iowa State University
Current Head Wrestling Coach at Army

Grandview High School

“I have used Dr. Stankovich with several of my teams throughout my coaching career. He relates well with the student athletes and helps them to realize their potential. Chris has worked with colleges and high school students as well. I would highly recommend Dr. Stankovich without any reservation.”

Andy DiSabato
Head coach Grandview High School
Past President of the Ohio High School wrestling coaches Association
Member of the Ohio High School Hall of Fame

Dublin Coffman

“In 2001 we used Dr. Chris Stankovich's program with our wrestling team throughout the season. The result-- 9 guys qualified for the State Championships and our team won the District for the 2nd time and placed 4th at the State Duals. What a great program!”

Bob Stoll, Dublin Coffman HS Head Wrestling Coach

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