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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
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New York Yankee legend Yogi Berra once said “90% of baseball is half mental.” Regardless of whether you think baseball is as “mental” as Yogi Berra once claimed, baseball players need no convincing that a large part of baseball success is completely dependent on mental toughness.

On this program Dr. Stankovich discusses the mental aspects of baseball, including power goal setting, getting in “the zone,” how to improve on-field focus, imagery drills for better muscle memory, pre-pitch and pre-game routines to enhance confidence, plus much more!

This program is great for women's softball, too!!!

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"Dr. Stankovich is a well-respected, leading national authority in sport psychology and has helped thousands of athletes reach their full potential. His programs are very easy to learn and can be implemented for immediate on-field success. You don't have to have "psychological problems" to see the results from his mental training techniques. I highly recommend these products for all athletes, all ages and all skill levels!"

Paul O'Neill
Former New York Yankee Great
5-time World Series Champion


"Chris has done great work in the field of performance especially meeting the needs of parents. His youth/parent sport products are a must for all parents and youth coaches.”

Bob Tewksbury
Major League Baseball All-Star Pitcher
Sports Psychology Consultant, Boston Red Sox

Eric Stults

“Dr. Chris Stankovich has helped me with many very important things that I have applied to my career as a professional baseball player, including help with focus, concentration, confidence development, and goal setting. I highly recommend all serious athletes to learn more about Dr. Stankovich and his training programs."

Eric Stults, Major League Pitcher, LA Dodgers

Ohio Wesleyan University

"Having played and coached at high levels I feel as though I have the necessary knowledge to coach players on the physical preparation and technical skills. But without the ability to manage the mind, players will hit a ceiling regardless of skill level. I've seen great players self destruct, and many others unable to continue developing because they got in their own way. It wasn't until I partnered with Dr. Chris Stankovich that I began to see the mental barriers begin to come down. With his guidance, were able to better manage the ups and downs of the season. And when they found themselves in pressure situations they performed better than they had ever done before because they had mentally prepared for the moment. I would recommend Dr. Stankovich to anyone who truly desires to maximize their potential."

Tom Durant
Former Head Baseball Coach
Ohio Wesleyan University

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