Mind of Steel: Mental Toughness for Success in Pool

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Author: Dr. Chris Stankovich
Format: Zipped file containing three files: Mental Toughness for Success in Pool mp3, Billiards Exercise Guide pdf (13 pages), and Mental Toughness for Success in Pool artwork (jpg)
Length of mp3: 42 min 36 sec
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Want to immediately improve your pool game today – by as much as 25-50%? Would you like to run more balls, miss fewer shots, and ultimately win more games? Learn how to play pool like a champion by using the same sport psychology mental training skills professional and world class athletes use!!! Dr. Christopher Stankovich, national expert in the field of sport psychology, will help you improve your confidence by learning the art of arousal control, developing self-confidence through strategic pre-game and pre-shot routines, use imagery for improved shooting, refine your focus until its pinpoint, and minimize “choking” by overcoming your fears and weaknesses!

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Chris Williams BCA Pool League

“Mind of Steel for Pool Success is something every pool player should have. Whether you are a pro player or just involved with a local league, Dr. Stankovich's video will help you overcome pressure and play in the zone with much more focus and confidence. I highly recommend this video!"

Chris Williams, League Operator BCAPL, VNEA,
USAPL 2005-2006 BCAPL league operator of the year

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