Student Athletes as Leaders On and Off the Field

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Student athletes are regularly ascribed the status of “leader” in their schools and communities, yet how many kids truly understand what it means to be a successful leader? In most cases the assumption is that if you are a successful student athlete, then you will be a responsible, motivated, resilient leader in the school and throughout the community! Obviously this is simply not always true, and it should not be surprising when you think how rarely student athletes are actually taught about effective leadership skills.

On this program Dr. Stankovich candidly discusses key elements pertaining to leadership that are designed to help student athletes improve in many areas, including self confidence, communication skills, decision making, responsibility, and many other aspects pertaining to proactive, successful leadership.

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Upper Arlington

“The Upper Arlington High School Athletic Department values its relationship with Dr. Stankovich. He is knowledgeable and easy to work with and has a great understanding of the demands on today’s high school athlete. We started a captain’s seminar with him in 2008 with the goal of having all of our captain’s leave with a better understanding of what it means to be a leader. The seminar was organized and very informational for our student athletes. In addition, the feedback was very positive as many of our captains feel they are better prepared to serve in their leadership role as a result of taking the seminar. Dr. Stankovich is a true professional and a great asset and resource for any high school athletic program.”

Chris Potts, CAA , Director of Athletics, Upper Arlington High School

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