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Pool can be an extremely “mental” sport, as players regularly struggle with issues around focus, concentration, reducing anxiety, and quickly bouncing back from stressful situations and bad shots.  For these reasons, our “Mind of Steel” line of pool products has been developed.  Whether it’s an app for your iPhone, high performance DVD, or convenient audio file to take along to big tournaments, we’ve got you covered.  Check out how our pool performance products can help you take your game to the next level by improving your mental toughness today!


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Develop Better Focus for Pool Success

Pool & Billiard Magazine - March 2013

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Chris Williams BCA Pool League

“Mind of Steel for Pool Success is something every pool player should have. Whether you are a pro player or just involved with a local league, Dr. Stankovich's video will help you overcome pressure and play in the zone with much more focus and confidence. I highly recommend this video!"

Chris Williams, League Operator BCAPL, VNEA,
USAPL 2005-2006 BCAPL league operator of the year


iPhone App for Pool Players!

SPA PoolSports Performance Assessment - Pool The original Sports Performance Assessment has been used by countless elite-level athletes with great success, and now for the first time SPA-Pool has been designed to apply the same approach (questionnaire – results – specific feedback) to help pool players worldwide reach their full pool playing potential.

SPA-Pool will help you develop Focused Confidence, the key to unleashing your master pool game – as your belief system strengthens, your anxiety will diminish, allowing you to play “in the zone” on a consistent basis. Learn more»

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