Focus, Believe, Commit, Achieve

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MyGameMyLife™ (MGML) is an excellence through sport education curriculum designed to help athletes identify and use athletic transferable skills for success in sports, career, and life.  “My Game” is a metaphor for athletes to think about as it applies to taking the skills they have learned about in sports that apply to life success (“My Life”). While this connection may be apparent to some athletes, many others (particularly younger athletes) either overlook these skills, or wrongly assume that athletic transferable skills have little value beyond sports.

MGML is an educational leadership curriculum designed to help athletes embrace their role model status, thereby becoming most successful leaders on their teams, schools, and communities.  By investing in athletic transferable skills, athletes will improve their self-confidence, decision-making, focus, and resiliency -- all leading to greater overall life development and life success. 

The 4 components of MGML: Focus, Believe, Commit, Achieve

The MGML educational curriculum emphasizes athletic transferable skills to help student athletes become more effective leaders and role models.  Student athletes are taught that through focus, belief, commitment, and achievement they will not only help their own personal success, but also those around them.

  • FOCUS: You must become clear with what you want to accomplish in life. Like the old saying goes, you can become anything in life you want to be, but you cannot become everything. The first step is to understand your personal values, minimize distractions, and clearly focus on what it is you would like to accomplish in life.
  • BELIEVE: In order for something in life to happen, like reaching a goal, you must believe you have the talent and abilities to do so. A person’s level of self-efficacy, or in simpler terms, confidence, is dependent in large part to the power of belief.
  • COMMIT: When going for goals in life you must have a passion and conviction that is accelerated through intrinsic motivation. Being committed means increasing resiliency and not giving up. 
  • ACHIEVE: When athletes achieve, the success can be infectious to others through their enthusiasm and exceptional accomplishments.  It is in this spirit that teammates, fellow students in school, and local community can share in the pursuit of future success.

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