Life Success Programs

  • Changing Habits for Life Success. If you have ever had trouble stopping old, bad habits or beginning new, good habits then this seminar is for you. Changing Habits for Life Success incorporates both theory and applied tips and techniques designed to help you understand how habits develop, why they become automatic, and what you can do to immediately change your life for a better tomorrow! This seminar will help you:
    • Understand the reasons why people develop habits (both good and bad)
    • Learn how emotions impact habits like “emotional eating”
    • Identify triggers that immediately impact subconscious thinking and behaviors
    • Examine how human perception impacts habit development
    • Develop realistic and lifelong personal game plans to help you start new, healthy habits while simultaneously eliminating old, unhealthy habits! )
  • Optimal Balance. Do you feel as though you work too much, and as a result have very little time for yourself? Do you feel as though the rigors of life prohibit you from doing the things you love, like spending time with your family and friends? Do you feel as though all you do is go-go-go, and that you rarely get to invest time and energy toward the things in life that you like to do? Optimal Balance for Life Success will help you take control of your life, develop a lifestyle that you want, and as a result allow you to become happier, healthier, and more productive in life! This seminar will help you:
    • Understand the physical, emotional, and cognitive effects of stress
    • Learn how our unhealthy and destructive personal habits account for many of our personal problems, as well as how these problems play out through medical issues and concerns
    • Learn about “Optimal Balance” and how this leads to a healthier and more productive lifestyle
    • Identify and respond to both acute and chronic stress
    • Develop healthy & effective coping mechanisms for stress
    • Adapt to stress by understanding how perception, personal control, and change mediate the response process
    • Ultimately use stress for success and turn life threats into healthy challenges, leading to improved health and greater personal productivity!


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