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For Sport AdministratorsAthletic Directors, Youth League Operators, and other related athletic personnel face many challenges today in providing professional leadership to young athletes to ensure they have a fun, safe, and meaningful athletic experience. Dr. Stankovich’s professionally designed leadership education programs help sports administrators successfully guide athletes, coaches, and parents through the athletic experience, as well as prepares them for the difficult challenges that commonly exist in athletics today. The end result is an athletic program that makes a positive impact on student athletes and helps them become more successful role models on their teams, schools, and communities.

Our sport administrator training programs are designed to help you:

  • Lead your athletic department/league so that student athletes, coaches, and parents work successfully together
  • Create a positive athletic environment and climate built upon integrity, sportsmanship, and safe training methods
  • Deliver contemporary training to coaches and student athletes so that they may develop winning programs
  • Respond to critical youth sport issues, like sports burnout, performance supplements, and dealing with emotional parents


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Larry Wilson

“If you want your athletes to perform better, Dr. Stankovich has the methods to improve player performance. He will help you guide your athletes to new heights.”

Larry Wilson, Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Public Relations Director



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