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Dr. Chris Stankovich

Thank you for visiting the Advanced Human Performance Systems (AHPS) webpage. Throughout my professional career as a counselor, professor, media spokesperson, and researcher in the field of sport, exercise, & health psychology, I have studied the variables most closely linked to “peak performers,” as well as the common factors that regularly hold us back from reaching our full human potential. From these experiences, I have created an entire high performance product line designed to help athletes, coaches, and parents, as well as people not directly involved in competitive sports maximize their productivity, while simultaneously minimizing their level of negative stress.

Please peruse the website carefully and examine the products that most fit your needs and interest. There are currently a number of videos, audio mp3’s, articles, assessments, and books designed to immediately help athletes, coaches, parents, and administrators in youth and interscholastic sports; as well as a growing line of products in the “Life” category that are designed for everyday people interested in maximizing their human performance.

The primary focus of my work today is to continue to help make youth and interscholastic sports a safe, fun, and meaningful environment for kids. In this spirit, I continue to study the important psychosocial variables that have the most impact on student athletes, coaches, and parents. I place a strong emphasis on life skills development through sports, and encourage all athletes to use the sport experience as a vehicle for success in life. In order to do this, I teach athletes to identify and use athletic transferable skills, as well as how to lead healthy lives through safe and healthy training methods.


Dr. Stankovich’s sport performance products and services are designed to help you take your game to the next level.

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