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Dr. Chris StankovichThank you for visiting the Advanced Human Performance Systems (AHPS) webpage. Throughout my professional career as a clinical counselor, college professor, media spokesperson, and researcher in the field of sport, exercise, & health psychology, I have studied the variables most closely linked to “peak performers,” as well as the common factors that regularly hold us back from reaching our full human potential. From these experiences, I have created an entire high performance product line designed to help athletes, coaches, sport administrators, and parents (as well as people not directly involved in competitive sports) maximize their mental toughness and productivity, while simultaneously minimizing their level of negative anxiety and stress.

For competitive athletes looking to improve their mental toughness, an entire product line developed using sport psychology theory and applications has been created to help with athletic focus, concentration, motivation, and resiliency. Learn proven sport performance science mental toughness skills like goal setting, imagery, arousal regulation, cue words, and positive self talk to help with confidence development and creating the perfect mind-body synchrony needed for excellence in athletics.

For coaches and sport administrators, we have many high-performance products designed to help you more effectively teach young athletes life skills development through sports, as well as keep you abreast of the growing number of contemporary psychosocial issues and trends that directly impact young athletes (and parents). Learn about sports leadership styles, effective communication strategies, and psychological techniques to help with athletic success by checking out our exciting new product line designed for coaches of all ages and skill levels.

For sports parents, we have developed a number of user-friendly products to help you make the youth sport experience a fun, safe, and meaningful one for your son or daughter. Learn tips and strategies to help with youth sport burnout, performance supplements, sport specialization, injury recovery, travel leagues, sport retirement, and how to communicate more effectively with coaches about playing time. All of our products are designed using Athletic Transferable Skills so that your child can succeed as much off the field as he or she will on the field!

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